PHN Rewind (4 – 10 April)

On this week’s rewind, the IPCC releases its latest report, Amazon’s project Kuiper, hundreds of civilians executed in Mali, the French presidential elections and other stories.

IPCC Latest Report Calls For Necessary Action to Prevent Climate Disaster

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published a new report and put forward the necessary actions to limit climate change and avoid a climate disaster.

According to the report, CO2 emissions need to peak and then drop by 43% to avoid the dangerous warming of the planet.

The report endorsed a CO2 removal facility – a plant that removes up to one million tons of carbon dioxide. Critics find this solution unsafe, notably because it relies on technology.

Alterations in people’s daily consumption must be made to limit their energy demand.

According to the report, fossil fuels subsidies must be removed and used for clean energy sources.

Malian Troops Accused of Executing Hundreds of Civilians

Malian troops and foreign forces have allegedly killed 300 civilians in the southern town of Moura, said witnesses to Human Rights Watch.

The massacre occurred between March 27 and 31 in a rural town of 10,000 residents where much jihadist activity takes place.

Malian soldiers and foreign troops executed groups of people by shooting them in the head or spraying them with gunfire.

The foreign soldiers, suspected to be Russians, took part in many military operations.

HRW described the killings as “the worst single atrocity reported in Mali’s decade-long conflict.”

Amazon Closes Major Deal With ULA, Arianespace, and Blue Origin

Amazon reached agreements with United Launch Alliance, Arianespace, and Blue Origin to deploy thousands of internet satellites with 83 missions for its Project Kuiper.

The project is the biggest commercial deal that Amazon has reached so far. “These launch agreements reflect our incredible commitment and belief in Project Kuiper. We’re proud to be working with such an impressive lineup of partners to deliver on our mission,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president for Amazon devices and services.

Russia Suspended From the UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations General Assembly voted for the suspension of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council last Thursday.

Two-thirds of the countries were needed to vote in favor of the suspension to remove Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

The United States ambassador to the UN, along with other UN member states, has been seeking the removal of Russia for some time.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that “Russia should not have a position of authority in a body whose purpose — whose very purpose — is to promote respect for human rights. Not only is it the height of hypocrisy — it is dangerous.”

Ukrainian Residents Fleeing the Donbas Region Killed in Kramatorsk Train Station

Dozens of civilians were the target of a rocket attack attempting to flee Donbas, an eastern region in Ukraine.

After the Russian attacks in the northern cities of Ukraine, Russian troops headed toward the eastern area of the country. They killed 50 civilians at the train station in Kramatorsk.

The deadly attack sparked angry reactions from all over the world. US President Joe Bien called it “a horrific atrocity,” The French government accused the Russians of committing “a crime against humanity.”

Incumbent president Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen to Face Each Other in Final Round

The outgoing president Emmanuel Macron and the far-right leader Marine Le Pen came out on top in the first round of the presidential elections this Sunday.

The incumbent president came first, winning 27.8 percent of the vote, followed by Le Pen, who reached 23.2 percent. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a far-left leader, came in third place at 22.2 percent.

No other candidate reached 10 percent of the vote. Following the results, the center-right and the center-left candidates, the Republicans, and the Socialists, addressed their voters and called on them to back Macron.

The two top candidates will face each other for the second time after the 2017 runoff on April 24.

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