Side by Side News

Side by Side News compares several headlines of various news outlets across the world reporting key stories and events.

The Mariupol Theater Attack

One of the key events that had occurred last week was the theater airstrike in Mariupol, a southeastern city in Ukraine, that was bombed by the Russian Armed Forces, according to Ukraine. How many civilians were in the building? How many casualties were reported by the media? Were there any differences in the details provided … Continue reading The Mariupol Theater Attack

Biden Has Virtual Meeting With China President, Xi Jinping

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, had a virtual meeting with President Xi Jinping on Friday as concern grew over the relationship between the Chinese leader and his homolog Vladimir Putin and the military support that China might consider providing to Russia. Talks about the relationship between the two nations had started last … Continue reading Biden Has Virtual Meeting With China President, Xi Jinping

The Ukrainian Refugees Issue

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine reached its second month, the issue of refugees has been raised in numerous news stories. The Ukrainian city, Mariupol, was besieged by Russian troops, resulting in the escape of Ukrainian residents to neighboring countries. The number of residents who fled the country reached 4 million this week, most of … Continue reading The Ukrainian Refugees Issue